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Estate Planning Attorneys Lansing, MI

Estate Planning Attorneys Near Me in Lansing, MI

Lansing is the capital of Michigan and the fifth largest city in the state. The city is in Ingham County and is a growing educational and cultural hub. Popular higher education institutions in the area include the Thomas M. Cooley Law School, which is the largest law school in the country, and Michigan State University, which has over 200 programs of study.

The 2010 Census placed the city’s population at 114,297, making it the fifth largest city in Michigan. The population of its Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) was 464,036, while the even larger Combined Statistical Area (CSA) population, which includes Shiawassee County, was 534,684. It was named the new state capital of Michigan in 1847, ten years after Michigan became a state.

The Lansing Metropolitan Area, colloquially referred to as “Mid-Michigan”, is an important center for educational, cultural, governmental, commercial, and industrial functions. The area is home to two medical schools, one veterinary school, two nursing schools, two law schools—including Western Michigan University and Michigan State University—a Big Ten Conference university (Michigan State), the Michigan State Capitol, the state Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, a federal court, the Library of Michigan and Historical Center, and headquarters of four national insurance companies.

Lansing is the only U.S. state capital (among the 47 located in counties) that is not also a county seat. The seat of government of Ingham County is Mason, but the county maintains some offices in Lansing.

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Estate Planning Attorneys in Lansing MI

Additionally, the city is home to many small and specialized museums and theatres. This includes the Greater Lansing Ballet Company, which offers both shows and classes for the surrounding area, and Happendance, which is the longest-running professional modern dance group in the state. There’s also the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame museum, which showcases achievements of Michigan women throughout the decades, and the R. E. Olds Transportation Museum, which is dedicated to Lansing’s role in the automobile industry.

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Local Estate Planning Attorneys in Lansing, MI

Family Wills & Trusts, PLC
Estate planning attorney · 115 W Allegan St Suite #720
+1 517-853-7542

Buhl, Little, Lynwood & Harris, PLC
Estate planning attorney · 271 Woodland Pass #115
+1 517-853-6900

Elias Kafantaris, Attorney At Law
Estate planning attorney · 1515 W Mt Hope Ave #5
+1 517-482-8337

Your Estate Planning Lawyer
Estate planning attorney · 909 N Washington Ave
+1 517-258-1159

Bossenbrook Williams PC
Estate planning attorney · 1600 Abbot Rd STE 200
+1 517-333-5789

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